Russia creates an iPhone case from meteorites, and Japan turns street toilets into lanterns - video news of the week

If someone tells you that they were transferred to Russia and beyond the seas are good fellows who know how to cross a hedgehog with

snake, don't believe it!

Just one week proves that they have not died out - and neither in our vast, nor in Asia.

For example, the "samurai" redesigned the publictoilet under a street lamp (every time I go into a booth, I dream about it, yeah). And in Russia, for the iPhone 12, which has not yet been released, but completely declassified in size, they created a tuning body from pieces of a meteorite. And they learned to get tattoos at a distance via the mobile Internet ... How it all looks, why is it needed, and what the hell is going on, our virtual news presenter Elena will tell in a weekly video digest.

Thanks to Ferre and SberDevices for this - a century-old alliance of fraternal companies, and so on. Happy viewing!