Russian alternative to Google services

The most common operating system on mobile devices is Android fromGoogle, also from

Every smartphone of this IT giant (except for Apple products) has mobile services installed, from Google Play to email clients, search, maps, cloud storage, and many other applications.Some people are very worried about this because they can't offer the same.This is especially true for the Russian company Yandex, which has its own services, such as mail, search, maps and even a voice assistant.But it doesn't have its own app store, and it doesn't have its own operating system.And this is the most important thing, because the developer is free to install anything in his operating system.Recently, however, others, including the Russian IT leader, have begun to complain about this.The problem became more palpable when the Chinese company Huawei began to have problems with sanctions fromUnited States.

Yandex instead of Google

Now on Huawei smartphones can not be installedservices of an American company, in principle. It would be impossible to install Android itself, but the main part of Google was made open. That's just the Chinese can’t get a certificate, so all their smartphones will be left without official services. This moment hit sales hard, the popularity of smartphones by the Chinese manufacturer has fallen, even existing ones with all official services present. In principle, you can understand people, buy a smartphone, and get a brick tomorrow, because they turned off all services, few people want to. However, for Russia this is, rather, a chance, or rather, for Yandex, because now you can, without a twinge of conscience, offer to install your own instead of American services. When a competitor has eliminated himself, you can feel like a king.

At the same time, Huawei does not mind at all, and is readypreinstall on the products that go to the Russian market, the services of the Russian company. Of course, they won’t completely replace Google services, but as a cheap alternative it might work. Of course, there is no Russian Mobile Services, but Yandex can offer mail, maps and an assistant, and there is also its own cloud service. In addition, recently the company has acquired many additional services, including taxis and food delivery, so a Russian user will have a service from Yandex for any occasion.

It is unclear whether in reality there will be a Chinesethe company cooperated with the Russian one for licensing Yandex services for pre-installation, but Huawei’s top manager for Europe noted that if users want this, then why not. In the meantime, there is only an advertising slide, which depicts the Mate 30, in which several Yandex services are installed. The main obstacle to such cooperation is the capacity of the market. The fact is that the Russian market for a Chinese company is interesting exclusively from a political point of view. The sales volumes that the Chinese company has in the Russian Federation are unlikely to cover even the setup of equipment for flashing software.

But, in any case, Huawei will have somethingto do it, because the company does not want to unlock the bootloader, which means that nothing normal can be installed on a third-party smartphone, it will not work to upgrade to a version with the necessary services. And developers are not in a hurry to write applications for Yandex or for a Chinese company.

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