Russian game-simulator of the caretaker of the house Beholder is handed out for free and forever

The distribution of a rather interesting game from Russian developers has started in the digital distribution service Steam

- Beholder. You can grab the game with a 100% discount until November 11, 20:00 Moscow time.

Beholder is a strategica game in which gamers have to take on the role of the caretaker of an apartment building in a totalitarian country. Players are allowed to eavesdrop on the conversations of residents, search their apartments and, in general, study each of them. Everything discovered can be used against citizens. Moreover, it is necessary to do this, but the choice is up to the player.

“Your TASK is the installation of hidden video cameras,wiretapping and surveillance, secret searches of apartments and collection of compromising evidence. Your GOAL is to suppress illegal activities and identify unreliable citizens. It is your DUTY to report all detected violations! ”, - stated in the description of the game.

You can download the game until November 11 at this link.