"Russian" hackers accused of trying to overthrow the government of Costa Rica

The government of Costa Rica declared a state of emergency on May 8 after a “pro-Russian” cyberattack

hacker group Conti. Previously, they asked for a ransom, but now they want to overthrow the government of the country (or a ransom). Discuss

Digital services of the Ministry of Finance are notopen from April 18th. The attacks, for which the Conti group claimed responsibility, impacted the customs and tax collection system, causing loss and damage and increasing future risks to society's assets, as well as to the fundamental right to privacy of individuals, the Costa Rican government said.

Among other affected stateinstitutions - the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the National Meteorological Institute and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications.

Conti initially demanded from the governmentCosta Rica ransom of $10 million in exchange for hackers not providing stolen information from the Treasury Department, according to the Costa Rica Hoy newspaper. The government refused to pay, as a result of which Conti posted the obtained documents and data on its website.

The group later scaled up their threats, stating that their goal was to overthrow the government of Costa Rica and increased the ransom to $20 million.