Russian MP accused Minecraft of destroying families and proposed to ban the game

Video games and their violence are often the subject of political debate. At least remember

American lawyer Jack's long-term struggleThompson with the GTA series. Then the lawyer and part-time district attorney of Miami blamed the action movie, famous for its cynicism, for almost all the sins of humanity. They say he is corrupting American youth and promoting school shooting and terrorism. Now an attention-hungry politician, this time from Russia, has found something to dig into in the seemingly harmless Minecraft.

And what's in it

Member of the ruling United Russia party VladimirReinhardt blamed the game for nothing less than the destruction of families. In his opinion, Minecraft causes hyperactivity in children, which directly affects the high divorce statistics in the country. The servant of the people supplemented his report with a proposal to ban the cruelest game.

“The day before yesterday I arrived from the Nizhneingashsky district.I went into the library, the children were sitting. I tell them: “Why did you come to the library?” They answer: “Take books”. And everyone is sitting with their phones. I asked what they were watching there. They say the games have been downloaded. And some are silent. I ask: “Minecraft?” - “Yes, Minecraft”. You understand, these games and these sites should be banned altogether. And then there won’t be this hyperactivity. What is promoted in the game Minecraft? Violence. That’s why hyperactivity occurs,” the deputy said.

Reinhardt also added that it is necessary to “clean out” the trash heap of the Internet, press and television, as well as invest more effort in promoting a healthy lifestyle, puritanism and family values.