Russian scientists are developing a neutron accelerator for the point of killing cancer cells

Boron neutron capture therapy for cancer allows targeted destruction of malignant tumor cells, such as

cells are identified by the system by the presence of a stable isotope of boron - boron-10. A solution of the latter is injected into the human blood and serves as a marker of affected cells.

Now researchers are working to create an accelerator neutron source that will accurately deliver boron to the affected areas.

“New drugs must be effectivedeliver boron to tumor cells and, bypassing healthy tissues, create the maximum concentration of this substance in them. Experts are exploring the possibilities of three different candidates for the role of boron carrier - albumin protein molecules, aptamers (short sequences of nucleic acids) and bacteriophages. In the next three years, we hope to create a drug that binds to glioblastoma with much greater efficiency than existing foreign analogs."

Vladimir Richter, head of the laboratory of biotechnologies, Institute of Chemical Biology and Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Earlier, scientists from the University of Tokyo createdNext-generation biopharmaceuticals are nanomachines that deliver cancer drugs to hard-to-reach areas, such as the human brain.