Russian university overtook Facebook in the world ranking of game research organizations

Research in the development and technical implementation of games at Innopolis University is engaged in

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory atgame development led by Canadian scientist Joseph Brown. In 2020, the lab released Theory of Opportunity in Game Development, a book in which Innopolis University researchers examined how the age, gender, and cultural characteristics of gamers affect the gaming experience.

“This rating includesresearch institutes, universities and companies that have been active in research over the past ten years. Only full authorship is considered in the list. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), UC Santa Cruz and Google compare directly to labs with only one professor and a few staff members, says Joseph Brown, professor and head of the Innopolis University's AI Lab in Game Development. “At the same time, our team, consisting of three specialists, was able to get into the top 100 for the second year in a row, having also improved the result by 12 lines. Interestingly, Facebook was only in 78th place. "

The first place was taken by the University of California at Santa Cruz. Of the global corporations, Google is in the lead - 6th place, Microsoft - 47th place, Nvidia - 57th place.

The list is formed annually by a professor of computerAmerican University of Washington Mark Nelson. He counts 2,359 researchers from 763 organizations around the world. The ranking is based on the number of publications in six reputable scientific journals and participation in 11 large-scale industry conferences. "The metric shows which institutions are active in the research communities, in the sense that the organizations on the list are regularly seen at conferences and in magazines," explains professor Mark Nelson, compiler of the ranking.

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