Russians are three times more likely to watch movies in online cinemas

Ozon specialists examined consumer demand during a new type of coronavirus pandemic.

It turned out that the Russians began to watch films in online cinemas three times more often.

According to Ozon, amid complexepidemiological situation, the average weekly sales of subscriptions to gaming services and online cinemas increased by 200%. In addition, Russians began to buy board games (by 150%), goods for hobbies and creativity (by 120%) and books (by 110%) more often.

Ozon specialists saw such indicators, having analyzed more than 2.5 million orders made in March. They noted that sales growth began on March 14th.

It is reported that on average, residents of Russia spentfor goods for home leisure in March, approximately 2.1 thousand rubles. This is 900 rubles more than in March last year. Experts noticed a pattern: the Russians made the most purchases on March 14-17, in the first days after the mass transfer to remote work.

In addition to subscribing to online cinemas, buyers were interested in subscribing to Xbox services and Microsoft Office packages.