Russians warned of an increase in the number of scams in the popular BlaBlaCar travel companion search service

Information has appeared on the Web about a noticeable increase in cases of fraud when booking trips on the service

BlaBlaCar. Russians are deceived by tens of thousands of rubles.

The victims said that the attackers contacted them under the guise of service drivers. The scammers offered them to pay for a ticket on a third-party service that allegedly belongs to BlaBlaCar.

After booking, we received an SMS allegedly from BlaBlaCar,that you should pay for the ticket, and the woman with whom we wanted to go began to terrorize me in the messenger: write that you need to do this as soon as possible, otherwise the reservation will fly off <...> The employee who served us said that such types of fraud are now common and about 100 thousand rubles were written off from her friend in this way.

One of the victims of the scam

At the moment, attackers have twothe main scenario for deceiving users. The first is to convince the passenger to make an advance payment for the trip and withdraw. The second is to send it to a phishing site, with which you can get bank card details, and then write off all the money from it.