Samsung has released an ultraviolet sterilizer for phones and small items

Not all ultraviolet rays are created equal, and some wavelengths are actually harmful to the skin, and

for electronic devices. For example, for smartphones. UV-C is a spectrum that is touted as a “safe” range for humans and electronics, but pulses of this light can be fatal to microorganisms.

The same principle is used with ultraviolet sterilizers. And the Samsung sterilizers that are manufactured in Thailand will work on the same principle.

The sterilizer box is large enough toto accommodate the largest Samsung phones - currently the Galaxy S20 Ultra, as well as other items: sunglasses or Samsung Galaxy Buds + TWS headphones. Samsung notes that the Galaxy Fold is also safe in this UV sterilizer.

Samsung claims device “attacks”the phone with ultraviolet radiation for ten minutes, which is enough to destroy 99% of bacteria. The new device has a special trick for Samsung phones - to charge the phone wirelessly, even when the UV light goes out. Allegedly, it will also charge Galaxy Buds + or any Qi-compatible device.

Samsung sells its UV sterilizer in Thailand under its own brand for 1,590 baht, which is approximately $ 50. It is still unknown whether the company plans to release an accessory outside of Thailand.

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