Samsung Ecosystem: Smartphone-Vertical TV?

We all love watching interesting videos on our smartphones, and it is becoming especially popular

video content on Instagram, in particular IGTV.But all the video there, as well as all smartphones, are positioned in portrait mode, that is, vertically. But regular TV series, movies, and TV shows are produced in widescreen or landscape mode.

Vertical videos on the big screen


And since most users have smartphonesThey use it in vertical mode (they photograph, shoot video, watch videos, websites), then, despite some of the complaining conservatives, Instagram, YouTube and some other services (Snapchat) and platforms do not pay much attention to them, and for smartphones they use orientation vertical. This is convenient for users, you can safely shoot video without turning the smartphone (in landscape it is necessary to hold it with two hands), since viewers (visitors, subscribers) will be able to watch it in a vertical position.

Quantity in quality

The rapid growth of content shot invertical orientation, poses to the manufacturers some questions, the main one is who is the first to saddle the new trend. After all, it is not always the same vertical content to remain within the framework of mobile gadgets. And the Korean company Samsung has answered this question quite clearly, demonstrating a new 43-inch TV. A feature of this TV is that it is designed for viewing vertical content (video).

The novelty is called Samsung Sero, and will beavailable for purchase on the home market in a fortnight with a rather biting price tag of $ 1600. However, the technologies used in the TV correspond: the display here is used with a high-quality QLED matrix, there is an integrated 60-watt speaker system. 4.1-channel surround sound speakers. The NFC module is installed in the panel in order to easily interface with a smartphone (in Samsung smartphones there is always an NFC module, so we can talk about the beginning of the full-fledged Samsung ecosystem).

The most interesting feature of this bunch is thatThis TV can watch what is on the smartphone, that is, from the smartphone content can be broadcast in one motion to a large vertical panel. At the same time on the smartphone, you can start streaming services at this time, and they will automatically be broadcast on the panel.


It is clear that the TV can not be limitedonly vertical orientation, so this model has the ability to simply turn it to the horizontal position, and enjoy movies and programs in a standard format. You can also broadcast content created in a horizontal orientation from a smartphone.

If on purity, despite the fact that the companyintroduced a novelty as a vertical TV (to view vertical content), while we are accustomed to think of this TV as normal (normal), which can be rotated 90 degrees. If the format becomes a general trend (and everything goes for this), then there will be no vertical video haters left, since manufacturers will produce TVs that support two viewing positions.

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