Samsung finally solved the problem with the Galaxy S10 camera

Owners of the new Galaxy S10 are probably very pleased with their choice. Except for one «but». Camera in

Portrait mode did not produce very good pictures. And the reason for this was a software error, which was finally corrected by the manufacturer.

Camera error

Galaxy's smartphone camera has always been one ofthe very best among their competitors. And occupied some of the leading positions. However, in the Galaxy S10 series, the Live Focus feature (Samsung's portrait mode) showed far from the best results. This is because it was programmed to use a wide-angle object when activating this option. And this type of lens, as is known, is not the best option for portrait shooting. Plus, given that the smartphone has a telephoto lens on the back.

Galaxy S10+ (Wide Angle, Portrait)

Galaxy Note 9 (telephoto, portrait)

I must say that many users wereare unhappy with this fact. Moreover, in the past, Samsung has already made Live Focus with telephoto lenses, starting with the Note 8 two years ago. Apparently, the manufacturer knew about this nuance, and therefore corrected it.

In one of the latest updates, the Samsung companymade a number of adjustments. And now, when we launch the Camera application on the Galaxy S10, and then switch to the mode we need, we are asked to choose between using a telephoto or wide-angle lens. For many of us, this turned out to be a little surprise!