Samsung Galaxy Fold will receive a Snapdragon 855, 12 GB of memory and a case for the price of a Chinese state employee

In a month, the first folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold should go on sale. In the meantime, the Geekbench benchmark

confirmed some characteristics of the device.

Top "stuffing"

A global one has appeared in the Geekbench databaseGalaxy Fold version numbered SM-900F. The benchmark confirmed that the smartphone will have a top-end Snapdragon 855 processor and 12 GB of RAM. It turns out that the device will be released outside the US with a Qualcomm chip, although international versions usually have Exynos installed.

But the test results are disappointing: in the single-core and multi-core tests, the smartphone scored 3418 and 9703 points, respectively, and these are far from the highest numbers compared to other gadgets with Snapdragon 855.

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Would you like a cover?

Meanwhile on the official Swiss websiteSamsung has announced the price of the branded Galaxy Fold case. The smartphone itself will not be cheap (almost 2 thousand dollars), and the accessory for it will be even more so. So the case will cost $135. For this money you can buy a good Chinese budget phone or the same Galaxy A10 from Samsung.

At the same time, the manufacturer does not admit what it will be likethis case, what it is made of and why such an exorbitant price. Apparently, information about the price was revealed in advance so that users had time to save up for such an accessory.