Samsung has already mastered the 5 nm chip manufacturing process and is preparing for mass production.

Samsung has reported on the successful development of 5-nanometer manufacturing technology processors

and readiness to start mass production next year.

What it is

Now it is the thinnest manufacturing processsemiconductor chips. The thinning of the chip production process makes it possible to more densely place the transistors and, as a result, to reduce power consumption and increase the speed of the signal.

According to Samsung, the 5 nm process will allow a 10% increase in processor performance or a 25% reduction in power consumption.

The company is mastering technology prettyswiftly: only at the end of last year they launched the production of chips according to 7-nanometer standards. However, in the Exynos 9820 processors, which are installed in the flagship of the Galaxy S10, 8-nanometer standards are also used. But Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is made by 7 nm process.


New standards have already been mastered at the factory S3 in Hwaseong(South Korea). Moreover, Samsung has already begun to take orders for the first test samples, and in the second quarter of 2020 promises to begin mass production.

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Who is first?

Samsung will become a competitor to TSMC Taiwanwhich just the other day declared its readiness for the test production of 5-nanometer chips. She plans to start mass production by the end of this year.