Samsung is furious over the Galaxy S22 leak. And an insider at this time reveals the date of the presentation of future flagships

Insider John Prosser continues to "spoil" the life of the South Korean giant Samsung and publishes information

about new products of the company.

What is known?

Recently Prosser showed "live" photos of the futurethe flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, after which he completely disclosed the start dates for pre-orders and sales of the entire Galaxy S22 line. Samsung has previously stated that it will actively fight against leaks and their authors, but, apparently, this did not bring success. Nevertheless, the network says that the company is furious over a large-scale leak and has begun an investigation into what happened. It is not excluded that soon "heads will fly."

But John Prosser doesn't seem to care.Moreover, he continues to make fun of Samsung and publish information about new products - in spite of the manufacturer. Now he has revealed the date of the presentation of the flagships Galaxy S22: according to him, the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra will be presented on February 8. As previously reported, pre-orders will start on the same day, and smartphones will go on sale on February 18.

Of course, there is always the possibility that this timeline will change, especially in these days when global chip shortages and supply chain problems are hurting phone makers.

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