Samsung itself does not know when to launch Galaxy Fold

Since the official announcement of the folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 months have passed, but he still

did not go on sale. And, most likely, you should not wait for it.


Recall (suddenly someone forgot) that Samsung is in frontWith the release of the Galaxy Fold, the test samples were sent to the journalists, and after a couple of days they started having problems with the displays: the screens failed. Therefore, the company had to withdraw samples and postpone sales of new items to eliminate all errors.

Now sources say the new Galaxy Fold is ready. Moreover, a couple of weeks ago, a batch of samples was sent for testing, and this time there were no problems.

According to insider information, the smartphone was tested by employees of the Samsung KAIST research center, industry experts and professors at Seoul University.


Despite successful tests, Samsung is not in a hurry to send Galaxy Fold to stores. Exact dates are also not called.
Most likely, the companies themselves do not knowwhen will the restart of the smartphone. For example, the representative of Samsung Electronics in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, David Sahula, talking to journalists, said: "We do not have any new information about the Galaxy Fold."

Perhaps Samsung will reveal some details on the Galaxy Note 10 presentation on August 7th.