Samsung, LG and SK Hynix stop supplying displays and semiconductor products to Huawei

September 15 will be another black day for Huawei: new US government restrictions come into force,

which prohibit cooperation with Huawei for foreign companies using American technologies and components in their work.

Samsung, LG and SK Hynix listed

The media write that as a result of September 15cooperation with Huawei is stopped by companies from South Korea: Samsung, LG and SK Hynix. In particular, Samsung and SK Hynix will stop supplying semiconductor products - DRAM and NAND memory chips.

In addition, Samsung Display and LG Display are notwill be able to manufacturer for Huawei displays. LG Display said the US restrictions will have minimal impact on the company as it supplies a limited number of panels to Huawei. Samsung Display, on the other hand, declined to comment on the matter.

By the way, Huawei often uses OLED panels from Samsung Display in its premium smartphones, but also uses products from Chinese partners BOE and CSOT.

Recall that on September 15, TSMC, which manufactures processors, breaks off cooperation with Huawei. Therefore, the Chinese manufacturer will have to abandon the proprietary Kirin chips.

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