Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z Gaming Notebook Unveiled

South Korean chaebol Samsung presented a powerful gaming

laptop with an interesting cooling system.The Odyssey Z features AeroFlow Cooling, a three-part ventilation system: a custom dynamic diffuse evaporative system, a custom Z AeroFlow design, and a Blade Blower. All this together allows the device to remain cool even in resource-intensive games at maximum settings.

Steam chamber designed by engineersThe company specifically for this laptop, works with the air flow that covers the graphics and CPU chips. Then help the system to push the cooled air to any hot spots of the system.

On board at Oddysey Z discrete graphics GTX1060from NVIDIA with increased performance, as indicated by the Max-P index. As an engine, the 6-core processor on 12 threads is the eighth generation Core i7. With such a filling, a laptop will easily cope with work programs for 3D rendering and high-resolution video processing applications. The RAM is 16 gigabytes DDR4 2.4 GHz.

The keyboard here is very comfortable, the keys from CraterKeycaps, the touchpad is shifted to the side, so that nothing prevents the user from enjoying these fast-paced games. Also on the laptop there are hot keys that are responsible for recording what is happening on the screen.

As a drive speed SSD for oneTerabyte, the mass of the laptop is two and a half kilograms, the thickness is 18 millimeters. Of the ports interesting symmetrical USB, port HDMI. The display has an IPS matrix of 15.6 ”with FullHD resolution. There are powerful stereo speakers and a front HD camera. The start of sales is scheduled for April, at prices as yet no information.

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