Samsung showed at CES a foldable powder-shaped smartphone and laptop with a sliding display. But this is a secret

Oh and love secrets at Samsung! In 2018, the company secretly showed folding smartphones at CES, in the past

year brought another prototype Galaxy Fold. This year, Samsung did not change traditions and held a secret presentation behind the closed door at CES 2020. In addition to the concept of a smartphone with a rolling screen, they showed a new “clamshell” Galaxy Fold 2 and a laptop with a sliding display.

New foldable smartphone

This is the same Galaxy Fold 2 that we have already heard about. True, at Samsung it is codenamed Bloom.

The presentation was held by the head of the mobile unitSamsung Dong Jin Koh (DJ Koh). Journalists received only a blurry image, since shooting at a closed event was prohibited. But it’s clear that the new model is made in the form of a “clamshell”.

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As it turned out, when choosing a form, Samsung designersinspired by the compact powder of the French cosmetic brand Lancome. That is, the size of Bloom does not exceed the dimensions of the powder box. And first of all, such a smartphone is designed for a female audience.

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Also confirmed were rumors that in the new generation of a foldable smartphone, Samsung improved the protective coating of the display: instead of plastic, very thin glass is used.

The new Galaxy Fold is due to debut on February 11 along with the flagship Galaxy S20 family.

Fancy laptop

Another secret Samsung product was a laptop with a sliding display. The diagonal of its screen is 13.3 inches, however, the display extends and expands one and a half times.

Unfortunately, we do not have photos from the closed presentation, but there are images of a previously patented Samsung laptop with a similar design.

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According to people who attended the presentation, the laptop prototype looks impressive. However, it is unlikely that such a device will appear on the market in the near future.

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