Samsung sued over basic battery function

From time to time, very interesting disputes pop up in the courts regarding the rights to familiar to everyone and everyone.

technology.Now let's talk about another such example. On May 20, K. Mirza LLC filed a lawsuit against Samsung in a German court, the essence of which is that the brand's devices on “earlier versions of Android” use the technology of the Dutch institute Nederlandse Organisatie voor Togepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoe ​​to assess battery life. The bottom line is that this same Dutch institute has patented algorithms for calculating the time to full discharge based on the user experience of a particular owner. They are used, according to the applicant, by Samsung.

It is assumed that the same claims can beand to a number of other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi or Google, but so far the appeal has been addressed to the market leader. Samsung did not comment on this situation in any way, however, judging by the wording about “younger Androids”, the problem is unlikely to become serious, but will only be a PR for K. Mirza LLC.

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    Sourced from Android Central