Samsung trolls Huawei due to the lack of Google services on the flagship Mate 30

It seems that smartphone manufacturers, without agreeing, decided to measure themselves not by the number of cameras and megapixels, but

and his sense of humor.First, Honor ridiculed the camera design of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, then Huawei joined the trolling, and now it itself has become a victim of ridicule, and from Samsung. Passions are heating up!

What happened

During Huawei's presentation in Munich yesterday, Samsung sent an email to its Latin American customers with the text: "Enjoy Google updates, apps and services."

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Inside the letter is a quote from 9to5Google, whichnamed Galaxy Note 10 the best Android smartphone, Samsung and Google logos next to each other and an image of the Note 10 display with Google applications: Google, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Google Photo, Maps and Google Play Store.

Samsung also reminded that all Galaxy Note 10 buyers will receive 4 months of free YouTube Premium.

Of course, it is possible that Samsung accidentallychose the time for such a letter. But all this looks more like a jab at Huawei, whose flagships Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro were left without pre-installed Google services due to US sanctions.