Scientists first recorded the singing of a Japanese whale - an endangered species and one of the rarest species on the planet.

Whale Populations Around the World Are Declining Dramatically – Mammals Are Being Killedwhalers, they often get entangled in

fishing nets and die by eating huge amounts of plastic.

Japanese whales are one of the rarest on the planet. According to scientists, in the world there are no more than 30 individuals. They were rarely able to hear their singing, and so far no one has recorded it.

The researchers tried to record Japanese whales for seven years - in 2017 they recorded four different songs in five regions of the Bering Sea.

Earlier, off the coast of Sardinia, environmentalists discovereddead female sperm whale more than 8 m long, in the stomach of which there were more than 20 kg of plastic garbage. It happened on the shore of the large marine reserve Pelagos, which was created specifically as a haven for dolphins and whales.