Scientists have developed an electric eye that distinguishes colors

The new electric eye improves color recognition, the most important function of vision. Ordinary

color sensors are very bulky and workless accurate. The authors of the new work have created a unique van der Waals semiconductor technology to accurately recognize colors and simplify the design of an optical lens system.

Van der Waals forces are among the mostweak interatomic interactions, but their feature is that they appear between atoms of any elements, regardless of their chemical affinity.

More than 80% of the information people receive throughvision. Therefore, the authors decided to create a micro-scale camera for robots that can study and capture objects and areas that are inaccessible to the human eye and modern equipment.

Capabilities of our sensor architectureimages are very dependent on the progress of van der Waals semiconductors. Compared to conventional semiconductors such as silicon, we can precisely control the van der Waals band structure, thickness, and other important parameters for determining colors.

Sidong Lei, Associate Professor of Physics and Head of Research

Supported vertical color sensorvan der Waals semiconductors (vdW-Ss) are a new class of materials in which individual atomic layers are bound by weak van der Waals forces. This is one of the most outstanding platforms for work in the field of new physics, as well as for the development of next-generation devices, the authors note.

These new semiconductor materialsultra-thin, mechanically flexible and chemically stable, so we can lay them in any order. So, we decided to use 3D integration as opposed to the flat microelectronics circuit that is used today. Higher density of integration will help reduce the size of devices.

Sidong Lei, Associate Professor of Physics and Head of Research

According to the authors, the new technology will help create biomimetic electronic eyes, as well as other neuromorphic prostheses. Another development will help people with low vision to perceive different colors.

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