Scientists have listed habits that have a negative effect on the brain

La Vanguardia published material in which scientists listed the habits that have

negative effect on the brain. So, according to researchers, even those habits that seem completely normal to a person can harm the normal functioning of the brain.

It turned out that the most harmful effect on the brainhas a large amount of saturated fat in the diet. In order to counteract this, scientists recommend getting rid of some habits. One of these habits is a sedentary lifestyle. So, scientists noted that physical activity is very useful for the brain to work, because it is during it that endorphins are released, which contribute to the improvement of the physical and psychological component of a person.

Performing a number of tasks at the same timescientists, is also a negative habit, because it impedes brain activity. According to experts, this also contributes to the development of adrenaline, which, in turn, further strains the brain, slowing down the thought process.

Gadget addiction is alsoirritant to the brain. So, according to scientists, the screens do not give people rest, because the flow of photons continuously affects the eyes, and this leads to the release of impulses for the brain, and therefore the production of melatonin slows down. In addition, scientists also call bad sleep a habit that negatively affects the brain.