Scientists unveil green method for making nylon

Researchers in the United States have presented a new approach to synthesizing ultra-strong nylon. When using it, do not

we need catalysts based on zinc and other toxic materials that harm the planet's ecology. This was announced on Sunday by the press service of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

“According to the current estimates of experts, world reserveszinc may run out in the next 100 years. This metal is now used as a catalyst for the production of cyclohexene, a key component in the first stage of nylon synthesis. We found that it can be replaced with iron without significant loss in production efficiency, ”the researchers noted.

Scientists have presented an analogue of nylon, which is used to make threads, fabrics, pipes and insulation. Most of these objects damage the planet's atmosphere during manufacture.

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The scientists explained that the implementation of the method has andeconomic justification. Zinc catalysts are commonly used to synthesize this substance, but their price will rise in the coming decades as the metal deposits run out. That is why you need to find a replacement for metal.

Researchers are testing another theory:is it possible to use iron rust to make a catalyst. If this works, then nylon production will be reduced by several times. The harm to the environment will also be reduced.

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