Scientists use AI to structure known data

The new development was named ASReview. It can be especially useful for research.


Researchers and experts face seriousa problem when they start to process the numerous studies that have already been done. Reading literature on a particular topic is quite laborious.

Jonathan de Bruin, lead research engineer

The new AI is literally programmed to look for a needle in a haystack using an interactive approach called active learning.

In classic peer review processesthe researcher manually examines the information and decides for himself whether this or that article is relevant to him. AI's job is to minimize the number of irrelevant articles. This can save a lot of time in the literature review process.

In particular, the new system can be useful for studying COVID-19, since today researchers have to process a huge amount of new information about the virus in a short time.

In the future, ASReview can be used to carry out many other systematic reviews and meta-analyzes, which ultimately can accelerate research in various fields.

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