See what NASA's moon rocket looks like from space

In preparation for the Artemis 1 (Artemis) mission, NASA delivered a Space Launch System rocket to the launch pad for

tests. The Pléiades Neo satellite, which is operated by the European aerospace company Airbus, showed what the SLS looks like from space.

NASA delivered a mega rocket with a spacecraftOrion to fly to the moon at the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida on Thursday, March 17. And people are not the only ones who witnessed this important event.

Photo: Airbus

Pléiades Neo satellite operated byEuropean aerospace company Airbus, took high-resolution images. They show the KSC site from a height of about 620 km above the Earth's surface. Also on the footage was the vehicle assembly building, where the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft were assembled.

Photo: Airbus

The entire structure reaches a height of 98 meters and is located next to the NASA mobile launcher. She, too, was wheeled out to the site on a special agency tracked vehicle.

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