SEGA Celebrates 60th Anniversary: ​​Claim Four Minigames Including Golden Ax Reboot Prototype

Despite strong competition, SEGA is still alive and celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020. Regular sale

the business was not limited, and the company prepared several gifts for gamers.

60th anniversary of SEGA

Relic Entertainment, creators of Company of Heroes,will release a top-down tank shooter Armor of Heroes. The project received nine modes, a four-player co-op and even a multiplayer "death fight". On October 16, a small shoot-'em-up Endless Zone from the studio Amplitude will be released on Steam. Players will also be able to pick up Streets Of Kamurocho for free, a beat-'em-up inspired by Streets of Rage 2 featuring heroes from the Yakuza series.

The cherry on top of the cake of free games is releasea prototype restart of the Golden Ax called Golden Axed. SEGA Studios Australia tried to freshen up the series for a modern audience, but closed in 2013. Nevertheless, the team managed to make part of the game, and gamers will be able to appreciate the efforts of the developers in celebration of the 60th anniversary of SEGA.

The listed games will not stay on Steam for a long time, and will disappear from the shelves on October 19.

In addition, SEGA has launched a sale of games on Steam. Discounted pickups of Persona 4 Golden, Company of Heroes 2, Vanquish, and other publisher projects.

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