Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar bracelet overview

Today we have on review an extremely interesting example from the world of wearable technology! It has great color

display and in addition to standard fitness functions,which will surprise no one, the bracelet is capable of displaying many other parameters. And at the same time, the price of the gadget is extremely reasonable. If you are looking for a fitness bracelet in the price range of up to 3,000 rubles, then the Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar review is definitely worth reading to the end.

Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar

Indeed, the bracelet is simply stuffed with various sensors and is able to analyze the activity and state of a person according to a number of parameters. Here is a list of its main features.


  • display notifications from a smartphone
  • real-time pulse measurement
  • sleep tracking
  • measure the number of steps, distance traveled and calories burned
  • blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation measurement
  • display of current weather and UV radiation
  • altitude display
  • heart rate variability (HRV) measurement. This indicator shows the level of stress and the overall balance of the nervous system. Based on these indicators, you can understand how the body recovered after exercise. Useful primarily for athletes.

As you can see, Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar is sharpenedprimarily for athletes and people who want to get information about the state of their body at the current time. For the measurement of HRV on the bracelet 2 additional contacts are installed, by pressing the touch button (the third contact), the indicators are measured. Read more about HRV, there you can find a lot of interesting information.


  • display 1.14 inches, resolution 135x240 px
  • high-precision laser sensor Huajing BD1668 for measuring the heart rate
  • Bluetooth 4.2LE
  • IP68 water protection (diving to a depth of 1 meter)
  • 160 mAh battery, autonomy up to 10 days, full charge for about an hour
  • work with Android and iOS


Naturally, from the first minutes of dating everythingattention to itself pulls the display. Compared with the usual fitness trackers, it is 1.5-2 times more, which means more informative! Brightness is enough to read information in normal conditions, but in sunny weather it seemed to me that it was not quite enough.

The display has a small frame and a main touch button. It is used to move through the bracelet menu items and activate functions.

The strap of the Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar is made ofhypoallergenic silicone, moderately hard, well fixes the tracker on the wrist. The clasp is reliable, but personally I don’t really like a similar fastening method since I’m used to taking a wearable gadget every night.

In general, the FitMaster Pulsar looksBrutal, definitely, this accessory was mainly created for men. A feeling of reliability, solidity, a kind of mini computer on your hand — amazing, I still can’t believe that we live in a time of technology that is accessible to everyone!

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To work with a smartphone application is usedHPlus (Android, iOS). It is extremely simple, in it you can get current and archival information from the clock, change the interface and play with different settings. Personally, I rarely use the application and use it, rather, as a bridge between the clock and the smartphone to receive notifications, no more. But if you are a fan of digging into the data and familiarize yourself with daily workloads, activity, the application will not upset you.

For whom

Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar review will be logicalfinish on summing up by the hour. The bracelet will be relevant primarily to athletes and people who actively monitor their physical performance. To a greater extent, the device is sharpened by a man's hand, but I am sure that this is just my personal opinion and many girls will like the device.

Of the benefits, I note a large informative screen,High precision heart rate tracking sensor and pedometer. The error is minimal, which is rare for modern fitness trackers in the price range up to 3000 rubles. I also liked the ergonomics of the bracelet, it sits well on the arm, does not hinder movement. The device is really nice to use.

There are downsides (and how not to be for such a price,engineers always have to look for compromises), for example, I don’t really like the menu drawing (minimalism is in fashion, and here the developers offer GUI in skeomorphism). Also seemed an inconvenient way to move through the menu items, not enough touch control.

Price and where to buy

The official price on the Russian market variesfrom 2 350 rub to 2 990 rub. You can find Smarterra FitMaster Pulsar at most of the largest retailers (full list of stores). The minimum price at the time of publication at Citylink.