Snap announces Spectacles 3 glasses with updated design and HD camera

Snap has announced Spectacles 3, a modified version of its augmented reality sunglasses.

What is special

Snap equipped the glasses with a second HD camera anddeveloped a set of new 3D effects. They will be exclusive to Spectacles and at the end of this year the company plans to allow third-party developers to create such filters.

Like previous versions, glasses allow you to takePhotos and videos by clicking on the top of the glasses. Photos are saved in a resolution of 1642 x 1642 pixels, and video is 1.216 x 1.216 pixels. During recording, indicators around each camera light up. After syncing with an Android or iOS device, you can edit, send to Snapchat, or export for sharing on other platforms, such as YouTube.

Without recharging, the device shoots 70 videos andmore than 200 photos, and 4 GB of memory holds up to 100 videos or 1200 photos. As before, the glasses can be recharged by storing them in a special case for charging. They fully charge in 75 minutes.

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There are also disadvantages

Sorry, pictures taken with glasses,still not automatically transferred to your Snapchat account. Snap representatives say that there are still technical barriers to automatic transmission. Therefore, you have to download them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The exception is iOS users. They will be able to set up automatic export of pictures to Snapchat using Wi-Fi and a case.


Spectacles 3 goes on sale at in November for $ 380 in two colors: carbon (black) and mineral (beige). For comparison, last year's model costs $ 150. Snap executives say this version is intended for a small group of creative designers.

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The high price of glasses is likely to limit their appeal, especially among high school and college students who primarily use Snapchat.