Snapdragon 898 processor tested in Geekbench based on an unknown smartphone Vivo

The Snapdragon 898 processor, which will form the basis of the flagships of 2022, has passed the test in the Geekbench benchmark.


The chip was tested as part of an unknown Vivo smartphone with the model code name Vivo V2102A. The gadget is powered by the Android 12 operating system.

As a result, in the single-threaded test, the Snapdragon 898 scored 720 points, in the multi-threaded one - 1919 points. But it is expected that the final figures will be higher, since so far this is only an engineering sample of the SoC.

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It is known that the chipset will be manufactured according to4nm process technology Samsung and will have a performance gain of 20%. It has a total of 8 cores and at the moment the main frequency is only 1.78GHz. But, most likely, the frequencies will be higher in the final Snapdragon 898.

The processor should be presented at the end of this year - in December.

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