SoftBank is considering selling ARM or making it a public company

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Japanese holding company SoftBank is thinking about further

the fate of the British chip manufacturer ARM Holdings.

What is known

According to the source, the holding is considering withdrawingthe company for a public offering of shares or even sell it. This is due to the fact that Apple recently announced that it will abandon Intel processors and move Mac computers to their own chips with ARM architecture. This decision may have a strong impact on other market players, so SoftBank will try to squeeze the maximum out of its assets. By the way, just because of this news, SoftBank shares rose 1% and even briefly exceeded the $ 30 mark.

If you, suddenly, did not know

The Japanese holding SoftBank acquired the EnglishARM in July 2016. The amount of the deal was not disclosed then, but according to rumors, 32 billion US dollars were laid out for it. Thus, SoftBank began to own 75% of ARM Holdings shares, and 25% went to the company's investment fund, Vision Fund.

Source: WSJ

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