Sony bans PlayStation 5 owners for exploiting PlayStation Plus vulnerability

Sony began to ban users who exploit the PlayStation Plus Collection vulnerability to get free


Banned vulnerability

Together with the PlayStation 5, Sony launched andPlayStation Plus Collection service, thanks to which PS Plus users on the next generation console received 20 free hits from PS4. Gamers quickly learned that even if they simply activate these games on PS5, they will become available on PS4 thanks to the shared library.

As a result, the most enterprising began to sellaccess to their next generation consoles so that other PS Plus subscribers can exploit the vulnerability. For example, in Malaysia there was a "businessman" who offered to activate games from your PlayStation Plus Collection account on his PS5 for only $ 8. Sony did not appreciate this gesture of help.

Those who exploited the vulnerability were punished in the formban. Sellers received a "permach", which can only be dealt with through the support service, and the owners of the accounts themselves are blocked access to PSN for two months.

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