Sony Note: PlayStation 5 in black was shown on a high-quality render (video)

Sony has already shown the final design of the PlayStation 5, with which the console will hit the shelves. This time

the company decided to release the console in white rather than classic black, and the guys from LetsGoDigital showed what gamers had lost.

PlayStation 5 Black Edition

Edition released a short trailer with a renderPlayStation 5 in black. Compared to the original white version, the LetsGoDigital variant looks more aggressive and stylish. In addition, in this form, the PS5 is less like a router or heater.

UX Design Vice President Matt PlayStationMacLorin announced on LinkedIn that the console will receive "special editions." Therefore, gamers who want to get the PlayStation 5 in black are probably waiting for their own. To all, Maklorin added that the console will customize in a way that previous generations of “gaming stations” could not afford.

Recall that the release of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled forNew Year holidays 2020. The console runs on the 8-core Zen 2, and AMD RDNA 2 at 10.28 teraflops and 36 computing units is responsible for the graphics. 16 GB of GDDR6 promise RAM, and a fast SSD of 825 GB is installed as a drive. In addition, Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which differs in the absence of a BluRay drive.

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