Sony Crystal: $ 7.8-inch 16K TV for $ 5.8 million

Sony recently introduced the Crystal LED TV for movie theaters, but now it will be available to ordinary customers.

Still not for everyone

Sony Crystal LED technology uses360 x 360 micro LED modules with three tiny LEDs for each pixel. It works similar to OLED, but much brighter and with very accurate color reproduction (140% sRGB).

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By assembling modules, you can create screens with differentsize and resolution. For example, 1080p with 18 modules, 4K (72 modules), 8K (288 modules) and 16K, consisting of 576 modules. One part of such a "constructor" will cost $ 10,000. That is, a 4K display will cost about 720,000 dollars, and 16K - 5.8 million dollars.

Sony will show TV at CEDIA in Colorado, but when it goes on sale is still unknown.