Sony has patented a new gamepad for PlayStation 5. It has four more buttons

Sony has patented another controller, which risks becoming a gamepad for the PlayStation 5.

What is known


the controller version was “lit up” on the patent,which the company filled out back in June, but it appeared on the Internet only yesterday. Judging by the schematic images, the design of the gamepad will differ little from the Dualshock 4, but will receive four additional buttons on the bottom of the device. Let's remember that in December Sony announced an extension for the controller, but it only had two additional keys.

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It is also worth noting that the patent may not surviveto the production line. Back in November, a patent appeared for a controller for the PlayStation 5 that doesn't have any extra buttons, but the design itself has undergone more changes. Judging by the pictures, Sony has decided to enlarge the triggers, make the sticks smaller, and add a USB port with a microphone. At the same time, they decided to remove the light indicator that infuriated gamers in Dualshock 4.

However, the main changes await players inside.According to journalists who have already tried out the Dualshock 5, the controller has become heavier due to a larger battery and improved vibration response technology.

Until the official announcement, gamers have onlywondering which controller will be the next Dualshock. Moreover, Sony never showed the PlayStation 5, even though photos of the developer version appeared on the Internet.

Recall that the next generation consolesis credited with an 8-core AMD Ryzen based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture, and a graphics card from the AMD Radeon Navi line will be responsible for the graphics. Sony promises support for ray tracing, but the main feature of this generation will be fast loading times. Judging by the latest news, the company is planning to use Samsung SSD. In addition, PlayStation 5 will receive backward compatibility with PS4 and support for the PlayStation VR VR headset.

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