Sony is working on a folding smartphone with temperature, pressure and acceleration sensors

It seems that Sony has decided to follow the trend of fashion and also release a folding smartphone. True, before the release

the finished device is still early: while the company has only filed a patent.

What came up

The application to the World Intellectual Property Office was filed on March 4 of this year, and the patent was published at the end of June.

The documents describe a “folding device withsensors in the display. In fact, it is a flexible display with three main sensors right on the screen: a temperature, pressure and acceleration sensor. They will help find out in what position the user holds the smartphone to ensure the best responsiveness of the interface.

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The manufacturer notes that other sensors can also be added here: for example, a photosensor and a resistance sensor.

The images show a smartphone with two such displays in front and behind. But the screen with built-in sensors can also be used for a regular smartphone.

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So far this is just a patent, and it is not known whether Sony will bring his ideas to life and risk competing with Samsung and Huawei.