Sony Reon Pocket: a wearable smartphone-driven mini air conditioner

From the history, school textbooks and stories of our grandparents we know how cold the winters were,

when it was difficult to warm at home, even ifthe house has a good stove. But we heard about the heat much less often, except in the context of the drought that ruined the harvest. What can not be said about the last decades, which are just as garlands strewn with summer and winter temperature records, only now it is not cold, but, on the contrary, heat. This summer in Europe, temperatures are plus forty and above, anomalies around the world, in some places at this time almost a coat needs to be worn. In general, the weather is abnormally unstable, and I want to somehow protect against this. It is clear that we take an umbrella from the rain, but what should we take with us when the cold can be replaced by heat?

Wearable conditioner

Probably, for this you need to carryclimate system, air conditioning. However, it may soon cease to be a joke, and that’s all thanks to the Japanese technology giant Sony. The company introduced an interesting device called the Reon Pocket - a sort of portable air conditioner that can warm a person, cool him, and at the same time is controlled via a smartphone. Wearable air conditioning is compact and ergonomic in shape, and easily fits in a small shirt pocket.

In the summer, this device is used asgiving a cool air conditioner in the winter, it will be a good source of heat that will not give a person something to freeze. In general, the device turns out to be almost year-round, in any case, within six months the air conditioner should definitely be in your pocket just in case the weather conditions are at extreme levels. Even a little help will always come in handy.

What is known

The device is a bit like heaters forfishermen who used gasoline as fuel and cotton wool. Approximately the same shape. It is noteworthy that the heaters, which were worn in a pocket or thrust into a fur mitten, did not smoke at all, although gasoline was set on fire. The cotton did not burn, gradually gasoline burned in the form of vapors, and the device heated up noticeably, preventing the hands from freezing.

Japanese gadget able to work in modeair conditioner 90 minutes from one battery charge. It takes about 120 minutes to restore battery power. Interestingly, the Japanese are going to sell a mini air conditioner, complete with a high-quality T-shirt that matches any size. The whole kit will cost about 130 dollars.

At the moment the device is not ready forproduction, since the company launched a crowdfunding fundraising company (rather, it is a collection of material, marketing research, soil probing). So, Reon Pocket will appear on the market only if the company proves successful, and the consumer expresses his interest in a wearable climate system. The first, of course, the device will receive buyers in the home market.

Some experts have a question for the projectabout the safety of the device. The fact is that you will have to wear not only a source of coolness or heat, but also a dangerous lithium-ion battery. However, the majority of users indicate that this is far from Samsung, the Japanese really value their reputation, and they will make everything as safe as possible.

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