Sony shared the first details about the PlayStation 5

In an interview with Wired, Sony system architect Mark Cerny spoke about what the gaming

next generation console.

Faster, more powerful

According to Mark, PlayStation 5 will beis equipped with a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor with eight cores built using the company’s 7-nm Zen 2 process technology. The graphics will be handled by an AMD Radeon Navi video card, which supports all the new trends on the market, such as ray tracing and advanced lighting. To speed up rendering and reduce loading times, the console will have a built-in SSD drive.

PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatiblewith PS4, and also support the PlayStation VR VR headset. All of the above magnificence will allow the new product to run games in 8K resolution. Sony didn’t forget to work on the sound. The AMD audio chip built into the system will be able to produce full-fledged 3D sound, and the gamer will not have to purchase additional expensive equipment, since the technology is completely autonomous.

But Mark Cerny kept silent about the release date of PlayStation 5. Earlier, Kotaku, citing its own sources, reported that the console will appear no earlier than 2020.