Sony WF-1000XM3: one-touch wireless silence

Once upon a time, Sony electronics were almost the only standard of the highest quality technology and

reliability.What are Walkman cassette players worth, which are almost forty years old? Today the company has not lost its position, despite the fact that a lot of really excellent manufacturers, brands, brands have appeared in the world. Recently, Sony has begun expanding into the market for headsets and headphones with noise-canceling technology. The company recently introduced the new WF-1000XM3 – wireless headphones with innovative technologies.

What's interestnig

The novelty has received a number of unique features, includingnumber and phenomenal for this class of autonomy - they are able to work with activated noise cancellation for six hours without recharging. There is a convenient case with the function of the power bank, which adds to the autonomy of the headphones 24 hours. Headphones are equipped with touch controls, just touch your left ear with a finger, and no sound from the outside reaches your membranes. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to hear everything perfectly when the noise is turned off. That is, you will not miss some kind of announcement, you will easily have a word with a friend and then simply turn off the outside world with a flick of your hand to enjoy your favorite music.

Appearance, characteristics

As for the design, the novelty is not the top.elegance and compactness, but they do not look too bulky, like, for example, Powerbeats Pro. But the sound quality of wireless headphones is just superb, however, this is Sony, and this is DSEE HX data processing technology. The function unpacks the most compressed audio file formats and improves the sound quality by optimizing almost the source code. Headphones reproduce sound in 24 bits, and this is practically the depth and quality of studio recording.

The company also turned the moment to anotherthe aspect that made wireless headphones not the best device for watching videos - they had a lagging sound. The fact is that before the headphones were installed weak chips, well, not the computer is the same, in the end, because of this, synchronicity suffered greatly on YouTube or when viewing content on Netflix. The company installed more advanced processors, and the problem just disappeared, these headphones are now truly universal. As for the call mode, that is, the conversation, there is also quality at the highest level. There are special microphones, which, coupled with a noise reduction system, ensure perfect sound purity, which is produced by a smartphone.

Overall, headphones look the bestThe decision that there is on the market of wireless noise suppression. Now headphones can be ordered on Amozon at a price of $ 230, and buyers will start receiving them in August.

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