Source: Russia began testing blocking VPN services

The GlobalCheck project reported that there are problems with the availability of IPsec in Russia. This VPN protocol is the basis of work

VPN services. There is an assumption that these are tests for blocking such services, with the help of which many Russians now access blocked sites. Discuss

IPSec is used to create a connection betweenVPN client and VPN server. According to GlobalCheck, on some operators (including Rostelecom) in the regions, IPsec does not even pass between the server and the client in Russia. The problems also apply to IKEv2.

It is noted that this is a big blow, including to corporate networks. Many administrators are now urgently looking for workaround solutions.

The ZaTelecom Telegram channel, however, writes that the problems with the operation of the protocols were caused by an error. It is claimed that these rule sets are not used for the most popular block bypass services.