South Korea has tested the L-SAM missile defense system to intercept ballistic missiles at an altitude of up to 60 km

Against the background of the missile activity of its northern neighbor, the Republic of Korea tested an anti-missile system


What is known

North Korea commits with enviable regularitylaunch of ballistic missiles, including intercontinental missiles, which usually fly towards Japan. Against the background of these events, the South Korean Defense Development Agency successfully completed tests of the L-SAM missile defense system.

The complex uses a large interceptor missileair-to-ground range. It is designed to intercept enemy ballistic missiles that fly at an altitude of 50-60 km. The Ministry of Defense of the country did not disclose the date of the tests, but it is known that the version of the interceptor designed to destroy aircraft was also accepted into the tests.

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L-SAM will become one of the components of a multi-leveldefense network of South Korea. The country's overall missile defense system will include Patriot (PAC 3), THAAD, and M-SAM medium-range interceptors.

The development of the L-SAM rocket will last until 2024, and the start of mass production is scheduled for 2026. If all goes according to plan, the system will be deployed in 2027.

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