Spectacles 3 - new glasses from Snap with two cameras

The direction of smart glasses is not developing as quickly as it happened with smart watches, for example. Nevertheless,

always interested in new products.New glasses Spectacles 3 were presented by Snap. They, of course, do not symbolize the pinnacle of technological development, but they are very stylish in design and with unusual functionality.

Spectacles 3

Of course, the recently announced Spectacles 3 glassestechnically not equipped with virtual reality technology. But the manufacturer decided to focus not only on fashionable design and social networks, but also add a few AR tricks.

This is the third version of the glasses, and for the price they are noweven more expensive than previously predicted. The first generation Spectacles cost $ 130, the second Spectacles sold for $ 150, the price of Spectacles 3 stuck at around $ 380. The price is really quite high, but what an excellent design.

Given such a high price tag, a company thatbehind the popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat probably assumed such an accessory would be unaffordable for its 203 million users. The target audience of the new product this time is clearly smaller.

Spectacles 3 just looks great withlightweight steel frame premium, round lenses. The user can choose from two different color options: carbon (black) and “mineral” tone (lighter shade of gold). Now a little about the functions.

The biggest update in the first twogeneration, of course, is the addition of a second HD camera, capable of capturing "depth and dimension, as our eyes do." Essentially, you can now create 3D snapshots and enrich your content with various 3D effects on Snapchat. You can press a physical button to record up to 60 seconds of video at the same time, or press and hold it for fast photography, although you will have to manually connect Spectacles 3 to your iPhone or Android phone to actually transfer your photos and recordings to your Snapchat account, and then edit them as you wish.

Right now you can pre-order Spectacles 3, sales will begin in November. The kit will also include a convenient charging case.