Spite of the USA: Huawei broke a profit record by earning $ 122 billion and selling 240 million smartphones

Huawei has summed up the results of 2019, and, despite the sanctions, I am pleased with the results, but it looks cautiously in 2020.

What is known

Huawei CEO Eric Xu sent outletters to company employees, in which he spoke about the achievements of the enterprise. Judging by the document, in 2019 the company earned $ 122 billion, which is 18% more than last year. It seems that US sanctions imposed on equipment for the deployment of 5G networks and smartphones did not harm Huawei.

The fact is that the equipment for 5G is still allowedto Europe, after numerous checks. In addition, the total sales of Huawei smartphones reached the mark of 240 million units, while in 2018 the company sold 206 million smartphones.

Nevertheless, Huawei is in no hurry to open champagne andgetting ready for 2020. Despite growing indicators, company analysts expected more. Therefore, in 2020, the main goal of the Chinese will be survival.

“These numbers are lower than our initial forecasts, but the business remains stable and we remain strong in the face of disasters,” Eric wrote.

Huawei really does not give up. In December, the company launched a beta test of Huawei Mobile Services, which will include applications to replace Google Mobile Services. The search company stopped working with Huawei, because the Chinese decided to make their own Google Play with maps and an email client. The company already has about 45 thousand applications, but Google with its 3 million is still far away.

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