Square Enix is ​​shocked: the first details about Marvel's Avengers hit the Internet because of the E3 organizers

Since 2017, Square Enix has been working on Marvel's Avengers, but during all this time gamers have only learned about the existence of

project. The day before yesterday, May 29, the developers promised to break the silence by showing the game at E3 2019, and now the official website of the exhibition has leaked the first details about the project.

What is known

Information about Marvel’s Avenger “lit up”in the description of the Square Enix conference, but quickly disappeared. Still, thanks to a Reddit user with the nickname iAMA_Leb_AM, the Internet has not forgotten about the mistake of the E3 organizers. No details about the gameplay were added to the message, but now gamers know what to expect from the Square Enix project.

“This is the defining Avengers gaming experience:An epic adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single and co-op gameplay. Form teams of up to four players, master extraordinary abilities, customize your heroes to suit your playstyle, and join forces to protect an ever-evolving world from an looming threat.

Gamers will learn more about the project on June 11 at 04:00 Kyiv time during the Square Enix presentation.