Starlink satellites provoke 50% of dangerous encounters in orbit every week

According to Hugh Lewis, head of the Astronautics Research Group at the University of Southampton,

now in near-earth orbit, an alarming situation is developing, associated with a large number of satellites.

Lewis stated that in the future, Starlink satelliteswill be involved in 90% of all dangerous encounters in near-earth orbit. To date, Starlink satellites are responsible for 50% of incidents or 1,600 encounters each week.

Moreover, in 500 cases out of 1600 they fly at a distance of a kilometer or less from the devices of other operators. The rest is the convergence of two Starlink satellites with each other.

To date, Starlink has launched more than 1,650 vehicles, by the time the full constellation is deployed, there will be 12,000.

Also, the group of Internet satellites is launching OneWeb - the company has so far brought out only 250 devices. They make 80 dangerous encounters each week.

However, it is worth noting that SpaceX has not had a single truly serious incident in the two years of Starlink satellite launches.

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