Starship's third prototype explodes during testing

The concept of the starship interplanetary spacecraft, which was previously called BFR, was introduced in 2016 by Ilon Musk.

It is planned that the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will fly to the moon in 2020 as a space tourist.

Starship - the name of the second stage and at the same timespaceship, and the first step is called Super Heavy. SpaceX previously carried out the first successful tests of the Raptor engine at Super Heavy, and then tested the engine for Starship.

In the new test phase, which took place at the company's test site in the vicinity of the Boca Chica village in Texas, a third prototype of the ship, called SN3, took part. It was intended to fly to Mars.

First, the engineers filled the casing with liquidnitrogen - this was done in order to check how the hull of a ship behaves at a low temperature in space. However, the ship's hull could not stand it - upon contact with liquid nitrogen it was torn into several parts.

“The reason for the failure could be an error in the test configuration.”

Elon Musk, head of SpaceX

This failure was the third in a row: tests of the two previous Starship prototypes also ended in explosions.

Earlier, SpaceX opened the third complex forStarship ship engine tests. It is located in McGregor, Texas, and will accelerate engine testing for the spacecraft, which will be due to go to the moon in 2021.