Subscreen fingerprint scanners have learned to embed and in LCD displays

Nowadays, sophisticated users can’t be surprised with a fingerprint scanner onscreen, however

Such sensors are installed mainly only in expensive flagship smartphone models. But it seems that in the near future such a feature will also appear in state employees.

How it works

The fact is that subscreen scanners workOnly with OLED matrices that are able to transmit light to determine the footprint. For LCD screens, the radiation from the sensor is opaque, so they cannot recognize the fingerprint.

But the Chinese company Fortsense has found a solution.This problem was developed by the world's first on-screen optical scanner specifically for LCD displays. It uses a modified backlit panel and AI algorithms for fingerprint recognition. According to the manufacturer, such a sensor is not inferior in speed to unlock.

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By the way, LCD panels are much cheaper than OLED andare used in more devices, so the development of Fortsense will allow manufacturers to produce low-cost gadgets with flagship capabilities. According to the plan, the first such devices should appear by the end of next year.