Sugar glamor smartphone review

Beautiful girls and celebrities certainly want to stand out from the crowd of owners who are boring and not so boring

Take a look at the stylish and truly modern Sugar smartphone, designed specifically for the female sex, and different from theother "gray" smartphones for its bright and shiny appearance, which it owes to Swarovski crystals.

Design and ergonomics

Sugar smartphone is very large, but at the same timequite comfortable to use - it's nice to hold it in your hands, there are no protruding elements that can cause discomfort, cling to anything. The corners in the smartphone are also rounded for greater convenience and weight reduction. As for the design itself, if you remove all Swarovski crystals, then the smartphone will be similar to the other devices of the same type, and from here it is surely the conclusion that. Since the developers of the device decided to make a truly expensive model, and a new smartphone costs as much as 17,000 rubles, then something more original could have been invented. If you look at the other side, the smartphone case, the front and back parts, is made of steel, and this is a very convincing argument in favor of a glamorous device. In addition, the back panel has a peculiar pattern that appears under an external light source, which is a rather original idea of ​​the authors. The device itself on the perimeter is decorated with a scattering of crystals, and they hold up pretty well, so losing the framing of the device in just a few pulling the device out of the bag or pocket will not succeed.


The level of technical equipment smartphone Sugaris on average. A 5-inch screen with an IPS-matrix and Full HD resolution makes viewing everything that happens on the screen quite beautiful, and you can play with the same success as games, and still watch videos or movies. The response time of the screen is minimized, and therefore, literally with a light touch, you can select all the smartphone options that interest you. Protects the screen high-strength glass Gorilla Glass 2, thus avoiding ridiculous situations with frequent scratching and falls.

No less interesting isinternal stuffing "glamorous" smartphone. The mobile device is equipped with a Mediatek MTK6589T processor with a clock operating frequency of 1.5 GHz, which is quite good in itself, especially since the memory capacity of the smartphone is 2 gigabytes, which allows you to actively use various applications. The built-in memory in the device is also more than enough - 16 GB should be enough for a large number of fair photos, files, music, etc.

The cameras are quite interesting as well -device there are two. The 13 megapixel main camera is equipped with an optical image stabilizer and a very powerful flash, which allows you to take high-quality photos even at night. The front camera of the Sugar smartphone is 8 megapixel, and is great for both video chatting and photographing with friends.

The disadvantage of the smartphone is the batterywhich is represented by an irreplaceable model, and. As in the case of the number of "iPhones", the manufacturer guarantees only a resource of 600 charges. If we exclude this factor, then the capacity of a 2350 mAh battery should be enough for a very long time.

Device performance

Sugar smartphone for glamorous ladies is very productive. In a number of tests made, it pretty easily walked around the popular Samsung Galaxy 2 and almost caught up with the Samsung Galaxy SL.

Thanks to its high speed,The smartphone quickly launches all applications, without any pauses and delays, and allows you to keep them open, without sacrificing performance, which is not true, of course, about the battery.

In order for the system to work stably,The developers decided to use the operating system Android OS 4.2.2, which showed its excellent performance in a number of other mobile devices, and is actively popular among users.


The device interface is no less impressive.view than the smartphone itself. In the original shell, soft colors prevail - white and pink, which most likely will suit the majority of the female sex. All corporate interface icons are colored, but not bright enough to irritate the eyes.

With the help of a well-designed interface,It is quite easy to use and presented applications, and a supported system of gestures. Allow you to easily make and answer calls, reduce and increase the volume of the device, take photos, etc.

Overall, the Sugar smartphone is pretty good as inin terms of design, and in terms of its technical characteristics, and probably will be in demand among all those who want to differ brightly from the gray mass. However, in the early days of sales, he was not very popular, probably because of its relatively high price.