Technical details have become known Mi Band 4

In 2014, the Xiaomi Mi Band accessory appeared on the market. The smart bracelet immediately gained popularity among

users, which is growing every year. Very soon we will be able to witness the release of the fourth version of the smart bracelet. About Xiaomi Mi Band 4 already goes a lot of rumors. And this time, the web revealed the technical details of the accessory.

Mi Band 4 Features

So, here are the most striking features of the new braceletgenerations. Instead of a black and white screen, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will get a color display. Cool, fashionable and much more attractive. In addition, Mi Band 4 will support the unique AI-assistant Xiaomi "XiaoAI". This means that with the help of a wristband, its owners will be able to control smart household appliances that will be in a bundle. I can not fail to note that this is also a plus for us.

Since the display of the novelty will be updated tocolor, it will inevitably affect battery life. Therefore, Xiaomi was forced to increase the battery from 110 mAh to 135 mAh to ensure comfortable interaction between the user and the bracelet for several weeks. At the same time, the touch button in the form of a small circle, which was originally located at the bottom of the bracelet screen, will be replaced by another one.

Of the functionality worth noting the presenceThe ability to determine heart rate at the medical level. There will be presented two versions of the bracelet. The NFC version with the model number XMSH08HM will support NFC, and the regular version (XMSH07HM) will not. At the same time, both versions will support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

Currently, Xiaomi is not officiallyannounced the release date of Mi Band 4. It is assumed that the price of the regular version of this bracelet will be from 200 yuan ($ 29) to 300 yuan ($ 43), while the NFC version will be sold for about 500 yuan ($ 72).